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RESERVED for Yunhan Sun 

200 Game Controller Magnets in assorted colors

20 clear bags with 10 magnets each 

$21x20= $420 - 10% ($42) return buyer discount) = $378

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Will make and ship by Monday June 10th



Flat back charms securely glued to small strong magnets
Controllers measure about an inch wide

*Please note it's normal to have some paint smudging/imperfections. This is the nature of the product.

Magnets will hold a picture or a couple sheets of paper. The more magnets you use the stronger they will be. Some new refrigerators do not have a magnetic hold on the front; if not, try the side. Magnets can be used on magnetic white boards, lockers, filing cabinets, etc. Hold will vary depending on the surface adhered to.

Photos, text, and designs ©Aidille 2021. Colors may vary based on monitor settings.

**Magnets are NOT intended for small children; please use with supervision. Choking Hazard!

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