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Daisy Flower and Bee Magnets or Push Pins- Set of 10

Daisy Flower and Bee Magnets or Push Pins- Set of 10

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Set of 10 cartoon bee and assorted flower push pins OR magnets
See the image with the ruler for an idea of scale

*There might be some slight scuffs/paint smears/discolorations. This is the occasional nature of the product.

Push Pin Option:
Sharp strong metal push pins

Magnet Option:
Strong tiny magnets will hold a picture or a couple sheets of paper. The more magnets you use the stronger they will be. Some new refrigerators do not have a magnetic hold on the front; if not, try the side. Magnets can be used on magnetic white boards, lockers, filing cabinets, etc. Hold will vary depending on the surface adhered to.

All products are handmade or assembled using quality charms and findings right here in the USA. Photos, text, and designs ©Aidille 2022 Colors may vary based on monitor settings.

**Thumb tacks and magnets are NOT intended for small children; please use with supervision. CHOKING HAZARD.

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